Rick's Custom Welding, Inc.

Located in Sperryville, Virginia, this railing was built for a business storefront. It is a powder coated steel frame with stainless steel square mesh and a wood cap rail.

Made of 3 inch square tubing and crimp lock wire mesh, to match existing railings. It was installed in 16 sections because of the unique shape of the deck, the longest section was 26 feet. The customer chose to leave the steel unfinished and it will be clear coated in the future. Contracter for this job is Eicher Construction, LLC.

This simple segmented railing was fabricated for a Starbucks in Winchester, Virginia.

These pictures show the process of replacing four porches on an apartment building in Luray, Virginia.  Pictures of the completed project are coming soon!

This job included exterior railings, interior railings as well as custom staircases. The exterior railings were powder coated semi-gloss black. 

General Contractor:  Opitz Construction

On the back and front porch of this house we installed a steel frame railing with stainless cables.

This beautiful balcony railing was fabricated in one piece and was installed using a crane. The style of this railing is known as "belly bar".

These powder coated railings were finished with a wood cap rail.  The railings were attached to fiber glass columns using special rubber mounting grommets. We also fabricated the front entrance rails in the same design without the wood cap rail.  We also installed gates on the pool as well, though they are not pictured.

Exterior Railings

An all steel balcony rail with a 1.25 inch square top and bottom rail. The railing is 22 feet long with an 82.5 inch radius. For installation, the railing was lifted over top of house to set in place because of the muddy conditions.

The stair and terrace railings were fabricated and installed with a prefabricated spiral staircase.

These railings were fabricated for a local winery.  One surrounded an out-door seating area, and the other was a safety hand rail for the wine cellar stairs.

These railings were constructed completely on site to specifically match the existing curvature of the stairs.  They were painted  a semi-gloss black by hand.

This set of railings was one of the first sets we fabricated.  The candy cane pickets were hand forged in our shop.  All the railings were painted a semi-gloss black.

These steel railings were fabricated and powder coated a shade of green.  The railing on the back deck featured a curved railing with a 60 foot radius.

This project included fabricated railings inside and out.  Here we show the railings around the house as well as on the rooftop deck.  We installed the prefabricated circular staircase and built custom railings to match.  All were powder coated semi-gloss grey.

General Contractor: Opitz Construction

Because of the curve on the bottom of the rail, we made a mock up of the stairs in our shop to fabricate the rails. Powder coated black and installed in Flint Hill, Virginia.

These front porch railings were fabricated to complement an old estate house. They were powder coated and feature a brass finial.

This gate is one of two that were provided to access a pool. They were attached to over 50 feet of fabricated fencing.

Over 50 feet of railings fabricated to fit the curve of the existing wall, powder coated “statuary bronze”. The customers had these fabricated for the safety of their animals.

The belly bar railings for this balcony were fabricated in one piece.

This fence was built for a family cemetery plot. It was steel fabricated and powder coated with a 3 foot gate. This fence was was a difficult build because all four sides are sloped at different angles.

Welding at it's Best

We fabricated, powder coated and installed 5 balconies and 2 window guards which highlighted the front corner of this house. The biggest balcony was 78 inches wide and the four smaller were 60 inches wide. The contractor was Ilex Construction, Inc.

This outdoor hand rail was built on site. We transported our custom hydraulic slip roll to the site and rolled the cap rail to fit the shape of the stairs. This project took some time and thought to get it all to lay in place just right, and it turned out beautifully. This railing was designed by Monroe and Crocker, PC.

This is a pipe railing for a 40 foot long staircase. We fabricated the posts and bent the top rail at our workshop. It was assembled on site, by installing the posts first and then welding the top rail in place on site. It is fabricated with a slip joint in the middle. After fabrication it was taken apart and sent off to be powder coated. The contractor was Clairstone Construction.

This outdoor deck is completed with twenty five stainless steel, wire mesh panels that were inserted into epay frame railings. The contractor for this project was Timberbuilt Construction.

Made in three pieces, this balcony railing is an angle iron frame with a hammered 1x2 inch cap rail. It was powder coated flat black. It was made to accommodate custom panels made at a later date by the owner who is an artist. Temporary panels were put in (not shown) after these pictures were taken.

Contractor: Racer Construction LLC

This outdoor hand rail was built on site. We transported our custom hydraulic slip roll to the site and rolled the cap rail to fit the shape of the stairs. This project took some time and thought to get it all to lay in place just right, and it turned out beautifully.

These pictures show 140 feet of ornamental railing which are plasma cut panels out of 1/4 inch plate, powder coated, and designed specifically for the customer. Installed using a crane provided by Neff Crane Service. The contractor is Ilex Construction, Inc..