This outdoor garden set was brought to us in rough condition. We repaired, restored, and powder coated them white.

A four-tier fountain, fully restored from its non-functional state, was gifted to Rick's wife as a Christmas present in 2013.  The fountain had multiple cracks, holes, and areas of corrosion.  Made of cast aluminum, it now sits on a custom concrete water troth.

We completely restored this wood burning cast iron stove to working condition.

We were called to the Waste Water Treatment Facility in Sperryville, Virgina, to perform work on an EQ Tank.  This 30,000 gallon tank had been in service for 25 years, and due to the stress of the constant moving water, the supports gave way and the tank buckled.

Please click on the pictures for full description of work being done.  Pictures of the completed project are coming soon!

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